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This is the Wiki for the ongoing fantasy project by DeviantART user Dawn-Of-Rebellion.

What is Teen Network?

For those of you wondering what the blue Hell Teen Network and H.C.W.F. are, they're both crazy fantasy mental projects of mine. I'm going to have the names on a few of my uploads, simply because I decided to translate my little mental Fantasy World into my equally crazy and in somewhat of a bad way "unique" artwork. For those of you who would want a backstory, Teen Network was a little name I created back in 2005 for my fantasy Pro Wrestling promotion SWF to be a part of. Since then I've gradually been growing it and today it's spun completely out of control, so much so that I'm not sure what to describe it as. It would be hard to type out the entire history of my fantasy, but for a more basic backstory bit, Teen Network is a TV Network and Multi-Million Dollar corporation that includes every celebrity to ever walk this Earth, as well as plenty of original characters and places and whatnot...It's my little Fantasy world where I can forget about reality and our suckish economy...H.C.W.F. is part of it as well, as the primary wrestling organization within it. Just to clarify, in my mental realm, TN doesn't take over the World, but is rather just a very large company with millions of fans worldwide. It was something that I didn't WANT to relate to my DA suff initially, but now it seems I'm doing it anyway...Just try to bear with me, cause some of the stuff is gonna be pretty ridiculous and stupid. Anyway, I just wanted to clear up the concept on what the Hell Teen Network is.

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